Listen to what the interviewees and family have to say.

"Our children wanted to know a little in-depth about us...it's just all come together on my 79th birthday...and we came here to Santa Fe to do this, with beautiful weather, and we're having a wonderful time."

"It's been eyeopening. I think it's very important for everyone to think about the end of life and put some kind of statement together for people to enjoy afterwards."

"I would reccommend it to anybody; I think it's a good thing for posterity if nothing else!"

"I introduced my Mother to my friend, Sheri Mann, and told my family about this very spectacular way to capture my Mother's memories and dreams. She was 96 at the time and the family willingly participated by emailing questions and sharing the cost to make this interview happen. My brothers, sister, Aunt and Uncle happily shared in the cost of this project. Mom loved working with Sheri, who brought a professional videographer to her house and they had a few days of laughter and fun about Mom's many wild escapades. Sheri has the wonderful skills to make anyone feel comfortable and Mom loved the experience. What stories Mom shared and now we have them forever!!!! What a treasure!!! Mom said it was a lot of fun..."

"Sheri, Thank you so much! I can't think of a better Christmas gift to us! In speaking with Mother, she expressed how much she enjoyed talking with you and how comfortable you made her feel. As you can see, none of us have difficulty talking, but she was anxious about it and you, obviously, helped her overcome that anxiety. Thanks so much for the extra DVDs. My kids will treasure them as I will."