About Sheri

Sheri Mann’s education, training, and years of experience in the film, theatrical and entertainment industry help explain her ability to create a safe-yet-energized space in which your history, legacy and most memorable moments can be shared. But it's also the ups, downs and sideways of her own extraordinary life that have enriched her empathy for the many facets of the human condition; her ability to put people at ease in any situation is as natural to her as breathing.

Sheri Mann

“So much is gained for each of us from telling stories about our lives—how we were raised, our travels, our education, our passions and values, our awareness of self, plus any quirks and secrets we wish to share.”

Sheri completed her MFA in Theatre (with English and Music as secondary degrees) at the University of Southern California. She then pursued graduate studies in languages at the Sorbonne in Paris. Working as an actress, she studied with well-known acting teachers Sandy Meisner, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, and film director Daniel Mann.

She began her acting and singing career in a repertory company on the London stage and with the Edinburgh Festival of the Arts in Scotland. She performed in over 40 repertory company plays and musicals, co-starring with actor John Ritter. She then went on to act and sing in European films and in television for the BBC and London Weekend Television. Hollywood roles followed her acting studies, which led to numerous performances in film; theater; and cable and network TV for many years in California and abroad.

Assisting her 2nd husband, film director Daniel Mann, Sheri worked as a dialogue coach. She founded a coaching studio, the Actor’s Place in Hollywood, where she trained actors and coached them for auditions. She has conducted many popular seminars and classes at colleges and universities.

She subsequently became attracted to how the writing process generates films, and became a literary agent in Hollywood–representing directors, producers, and writers. Of her many years with Daniel she says "Traveling to distant lands with him enriched me enormously, bringing about a compassion for my fellow beings and inspiring my curiosity about the many cultures we encountered."

After Daniel’s death in 1992, she relocated to Santa Fe–where she's been ever since. Work in advertising, public relations, and marketing work for chefs, restaurateurs, and hospitality staff became focused on communications coaching for the new era of celebrity chefs. She expanded her client base to include college presidents, litigators, authors, doctors, and other presenters. Throughout her years in NM, she's continued to teach acting and camera-auditioning technique.

Her skills and depth of experience make her just the one to trust sharing your own legacy with.