How It Works

Step 1: Consultation

You have a free 30-minute consultation with Sheri, during which you explain to her what you'd like and she explains to you the details of the process. You decide if you want to move forward.

Step 2: Pick a Package

You choose a package, determine a payment option, and sign an agreement. After we talk about the scope of the project, we'll fine-tune the price estimate. A 10% discount is given if full payment is made now.

Step 3: Questions

Over the following two weeks, you collect the questions from friends and family you'd like to have asked during the interview, and e-mail these to Sheri. The interview has full control over which questions they'll be asked, and editorial control over final content. There are no "trick" questions. Sheri organizes the questions into a coherent order, usually built on the timeline of the interviewee's life.

Step 4: Location

Sheri and her videographer, with your help, will select a location for the interview. This may be the interviewee's home, apartment, an elder care facility or a place with special significance. They'll be making decisions for optimizing lighting and sound quality.

Step 5: Warm-up

Using the questions you've provided, Sheri does a 30-minute warm-up interview. This helps the interviewee get comfortable with the whole interview process. We mutually decide what is important and appropriate. Comfort is a priority. A recording date is set.

Step 6: Lights, camera, action!

Sheri, her videographer and you record the session. This is usually a 10-15 hour process.

Step 7: Post-production

The recording is edited into its final version.

Step 8: Delivery

You receive the final product in the format of your choice: DVD, or thumb drive.

Sheri, her videographer and you record the session